Stronger Together

The Consortium of Independent Schools (CIS) is a collective of independent, U.S. based schools eager to partner with international educational institutions.  This type of collaboration aims to increase the overall public understanding of and respect for the private education system, U.S. curriculum, and the academic and extra-curricular offerings of each institution. Through a resource sharing network, the consortium serves as a unique and necessary vehicle into new markets for its members.



Requirements for Membership

Schools must be:

  • Located within the United States of America

  • Private, independent

  • A non-profit with 501(c)(3) status

  • Founded before 1970

  • College-prep curriculum

  • Interested in expanding its profile into international markets

  • Accredited and recognized by a U.S. accreditation service or firm

  • Approved by the managing members of the Consortium

Are you a school administrator interested in Consortium membership?