School Services

 Curriculum Management (3+0)

The CM model allows students to earn a diploma while in their home country. US-BASED SCHOOL (USBS) is responsible for curriculum oversight, as well as assisting onsite administration supervising the program delivery. USBS's management team would work closely with the on-site curriculum team, and school administration to ensure a quality delivery of the program, whether on-site or online, and to ensure that the program's standards are in line with the USBS.

Upon completion of the graduation requirements, as certified by the USBS, students involved in the American curriculum program at the partner school will receive a US accredited diploma.

Curriculum Share (2+1)

The CS model allows students to earn all the necessary credits leading towards a graduation prior to their final grade at their respective USBS (dual-diploma). The USBS is responsible for curriculum oversight, as well as assisting onsite administration supervising the program delivery. The school’s admin team would also work closely with the program director to ensure accurate reporting and record-keeping of enrolled students. Upon completion, students at the international school will be in line to receive acceptance to grade 12 to complete graduation requirements at the USBS.

Online Education

The incorporation of the US-based school's curriculum will not only take place in the classroom under the supervision of the Curriculum Specialist, but students will have access to online classes taught by faculty in America. The completion of these courses will result in recognized academic credits for the student's transcripts.

This type of collaboration can take many forms, and typically do not lead to the issuance of a diploma. The online platform connects international and U.S. institution through curriculum, programmatic and credit transfers opportunities.



    • Exclusive access to contracts procured by American Curriculum Partnerships

    • Diversity: beyond traditional international markets

    • New revenue streams

    • Brand expansion into new markets

    • Profit sharing opportunities amongst consortium members

    • Increased enrollment of full-time students

    • Summer camp & short-term (boarding/private school immersion) programs


    • Marketability to local students

    • Increased tuition revenue

    • Wider offering of courses

    • Accreditation and recognition from U.S. based agencies

    • Faculty exchanges and access to professional development

    • Dual-diploma program / pathways to US and UK Universities