Who We Are


Our Team

American Curriculum Partnerships’ (ACP) mission is to identify the best in U.S. and global educational practices, particularly in regards to curriculum and 21st Century skills. With the sole purpose of supporting international development for active member in the Consortium of Independent Schools, ACP is an extension of the admissions and advancement efforts of its member schools.

The consortium is comprised of top U.S. private, preparatory schools, which understand the need for a both collaborative and expansive approach to today’s private school market. This arrangement provides exclusive access to new opportunities without allocating limited internal resources. 

Why are schools looking to expand overseas?

The reputation and educational standards of U.S. private schools remain unparalleled in the international market. However, recent trends suggest that international students, particularly in Europe and East Asia, are opting for domestic education rather than studying abroad. Luckily, domestic education can take many forms - including international schools under the guidance or direct operation of a U.S. school. The continual decline of in-bound international students into the United States necessitates a new approaches to delivering the American, independent school product to the consumer.

Globalizing Education

Members of the consortium are able to deliver standard-based curriculum, which aims to:

  • Develop empathic and understanding students, who respect the cultures and different perspectives

  • Introduce the effects of globalization on one’s life - particularly from economic, cultural, political to environmental perspective

  • Create autonomous and independent life-long leaners in today’s ‘learning society’

  • Build a more just and sustainable global future with a focus on the role of power and how resources can be best distributed and shared.